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Some Of The Winners Of The 2013 ACHA World Championship


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ACHA World Championship Past To Present History In Pictures

"The Water Runs Deep"

A.C.H.A. World Championship

If you are new to the sport of coonhunting and competition hunts you are aware that there are numerous World Hunts.  In the beginning it wasn't that way.  The ACHA World Hunt was the only True world hunt in the beginning.  Even after others started forming world hunts in other organizations the ACHA World Hunt was the one everyone wanted to win. The true World Champion was the ACHA World Champion.  It was the Gold Standard for Titles.  It was the one title everyone that was into competition wanted if they had a choice.  Many of the greats in the Treeing Walker Hall Of Fame were ACHA World Champions.  The ACHA is the "orginal world hunt." The "grandfather of all world hunts" is rich in history and tradition. Every legend in coon hunting has competed and dreamed of winning this "World Hunt".

History of ACHA

In the mid 1940's a small group of coon hunters formed an organization that would give coon hunters and their hounds an opportunity to display their skills in events called Wild Coon Hunts. They called themselves the American Coon Hunters Association ... ACHA.

In the late 1980"s ACHA and AKC merged to form ACHA/AKC. The merger was a disappointment to both parties and was dissolved shortly after it was formed. Since that time ACHA and AKC have gone their seperate ways and to this day remain two completely seperate and independent registries.

The Directors of the American Coon Hunters Association have pledged to do everything we can to maintain, improve and pass on the traditions and intergrity of this proud association.

• "ACHA" .... owned and governed by it's membership.
• "ACHA" .... the "original coon hunting association".
• "ACHA" .... the "granddaddy" of all the "World Hunts".
• "ACHA" .... committed to providing the fairest, most affordable and most enjoyable hunt                     we can.
• "ACHA" .... where our goal is to promote the "coonhound".
• "ACHA" .... "where it all started" and we live by our creed.... "fair to all and partial                     to none!".

(c) 2012
The Legends Of ACHA
By Don Nicely
P.O. Box 69 Gradyville, PA  19039

I have enjoyed history most of my life.  Especially American History.  A few years ago I discovered a wonderful place for anyone who loves American History especially the early years of the forming of our great nation.  Colonial Williamsburg is a great place to visit and learn and experience the way life was back them.

On my first visit I learned a little about Patrick Henry.  The Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death guy.  Most everyone may know that but in my first visit to Colonial Willamsburg I found out there was more about him for me to start asking questions.  Why didn't we know more about him then the one speech?  Why didn't he play a more important role in the founding of the country?

After much research and reading on him I discovered just how important he was to the founding of this country.  But without doing this digging into what part he played into history he might well just be thought of as the man who gave the speech.

As I get ready to prepare a column for Legends Of ACHA it is near the 4th of July.  I thought maybe it would be a good idea to mention some of the people who were responsible either directly or indirectly for the success of ACHA.  People whose names may have long been forgotten but whose contribution was important to a very important part of the history of our sport.  The ACHA.  American Coon Hunters Association.

It would be very different today trying to start a new organization to try and compare people's hounds in ability and looks.  There are many registries that register hounds and license hunts and shows.  Back in the 40's that wasn't the case.  Field Trails and Water Races were the big things people used to compete.  There was some showing going on at some of the larger Trails such as Leafy Oak but for the most part if you wanted to compete or compare it was Field Trails and Water Races.

In the mid 1940's a group of dedicated hunters who loved the sport of coon hunting but wanted to find a way to compare the hounds and their ability in the woods met in Tupelo, Mississippi and formed the American Coon Hunters Association.  Many know of the impact that Association had on our sport with its World Championship but even that had to start somewhere. Imagine if you knew nothing about the hunt system of today but you wanted to create a system.  You had nothing to go by and what you created would have to come from ideas that hadn't been tried yet.  How hard would that have been?

Robert Graves, Gene Kemp, Brroks Magill, R.W. Nichols and Bus Thompson.

No communication as we have today.  No pagers, computers, emails, cell phone or anything to help make communicating as easy as it it today.  Back in that time there were phones but no every one had a phone and some people lived in areas where there was no phone service.  Remember a few years ago when you would get into an area where you couldn't get cell service?  That has become less of a problem but still today there is areas where maybe another cell tower would help.

So how did people communicate?  They wrote letters. Maybe the ones that had phones would talk some and they might meet at some of the field trials.  For sure communicating back then wasn't anything like it is today.  The roads weren't as good as today are as plentiful.  The vehicles weren't as fast as todays models and guess what, if it was hot you rolled your window down.

If we love this sport we owe a big thank you to the people who worked long and hard to come up with a game we could play with our hounds.  What they did wasn't an easy job but their hard work gave us something we have shared with a lot of good and not so good friends made.  The ACHA had a big part of this and it is just another part of its rich history.

For many years on the front of American Coner was "Official Publication of the American Coonhunter's Association" or "Official Organ of The American Coon Hunters' Association".  The American Cooner also played an important part in the creation of the sport many of us love and sometimes hate so much.  Kidding aside both the Cooner and ACHA has played such a big part in our sport.

One of the original members of the group who met to form ACHA was Brooks Magill who lived in Blue Springs, Mississippi.  He was also one of the first presidents of the American Coon Hunters Association.

Brooks Magill

 He wrote a Redbone column in American Cooner for many years.  He was one of the guys in our sport who had the respect of most anyone who knew him or of him.  You Redbone people if you go back far enough in your hounds pedigree there is a good chance you will see one of Magill's dogs name.  Magill's Jungle Jim. He was one of the famous dogs of his day and whether you liked Redbones or not you knew the name Jungle Jim.

Brooks Magill and Jungle Jim

I am putting one picture in this article that was taken at the 1954 ACHA World Hunt.  These were familiar faces around the American Coon Hunters Association Annual World Championship Hunt.  They are from left to right.  Robert Graves, Gene Kemp, Brroks Magill, R.W. Nichols and Bus Thompson.

If you will look at the winner of the 2nd Grand American you will see a picture of Red Rover a Redbone owned by Robert Graves.

Robert Graves and Red Rover 2nd Grand American Champion

Gene Kemp liked Black and Tans and we are enclosing a picture of him and his hound Mighty Mo.

Gene Kemp and Kemp's Mighty Mo

Of course Brooks Magill was a Redbone man and we are putting two pictures of him with Jungle Jim.

Magill's Jungle Jim and his owner

R.W. Nichols was a Plott man who had a couple of Plotts you may have heard about if you like the Plott hounds.  There is a picture of R.W. Nichols and Stormy and a picture of Cherokee Joe.

R.W. Nichols and Stormy

Cherokee Joe

Bus Thompson was a Bluetick man.  I haven't been able to find a good picture of Bus and one of his hounds yet but will try before the column is finished.

These were all men who worked hard for our sport and if you will notice they didn't all hunt the same breed of hounds.  Their names deserve to be mentioned and thanked for what they helped give us.  Another man who was involved with ACHA was Manford Craver.  He was another Redbone man and if you took the Cooner in the 60's you will remember him writing Rules Corner in the Cooner.  He also served as one of ACHA's early Presidents.  I could go on more and more about these guys and others like them but hopefully I have in some small way said Thank You for their efforts that we still enjoy today.

Oh by the way Patrick Henry was a member of the First Continential Congress.  He was Governor of Virginia.  He was appointed Secretary Of State by President Washington but declined it.  His fight against the Constitution and for the Bill of Rights, brought that issue to public notice throughout the colonies, contributing to the early adoption of the Bill Of Rights amendments.


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